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Get some spring inspiration – perennials!

Need some help in picking perennials to give you all season color?  The Blue Crew is going to give you a quick list of some starters.  We are in zone 6 here in Pennsylvania, but stopping by your local Independent garden center or greenhouse for guidance tailored to your growing zone, is a good idea.   We have broken the year into 3 sections; Early (January-April), Mid(April- early August), Late( August- October).

  1. Early season selections include
    1. Hellebores
    2. Candy tuft
    3. Primrose
  2. Mid season
    1. Daylily
    2. Lupine
    3. Peony
    4. Poppy
    5. Veronica
    6. Coneflower
  3. Late season
    1. Bee Balm
    2. Black eyed Susan
    3. Dahlia
    4. Sedums


Still looking for ideas on some awesome perennials trending this year?  Check out this great article from our friends at Fafard!  And of course… don’t forget to feed with some Jack’s!



A Longwood Christmas—Fresh and in Season

Creating the floating apple tapestry.

Creating the floating apple tapestry.

On view through January 12, 2014

No holiday season is complete without a visit to Longwood Gardens.

This year, we expanded our outdoor experience—featuring a floating tree display, hundreds of sparkling snowflakes, twinkling tree forms, a 12-foot fountain of lights in our Main Fountain Garden, and so much more. A half-million lights illuminate a stroll through the Outdoor Gardens. The Open Air Theatre Fountain Shows are set to holiday music every five minutes until closing.

See extravagant, hand-blown glass fruit-adorned trees towering as high as 18 feet stand in our Conservatory. Over 18,000 red Rome and green Granny Smith Apples float in an artistic pattern in our Fern Floor. This year, our Music Room display pays homage to the Green Room at the Hotel du Pont in Wilmington, DE, featuring sugared, fruit-laden trees and a lavish holiday tea set for 18 special guests.

Our outdoor Christmas lights come on at 3:30 pm every day!

We hope you enjoy our time-lapse video that shows part of this holiday decorating marathon! We move from one great display to the next in a blink of an eye. Even Santa would have a tough time keeping up with us!

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