Houseplants, keep them happy!

It’s the time of year where may have already pulled out your summer annual and veggies, but that doesn’t mean your green thumb has to go dormant.  Or maybe someone gave you a houseplant and you have no idea what to do with it.  The blue crew is here to help!  As some of you might know, we are big fans of foliage plants, orchids, and African violets, and yup, you guessed it we make fertilizers for each one.

Fun fact… did you know, indoor plants or houseplants not only beautify your indoor space, they also have many health benefits?! Some of these great benefits are; faster healing and recovery from injury or sickness, improved heart health, they help to increase concentration and calming the mind and body. Plus, plants change carbon dioxide back to oxygen and clean the air of harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Need some help in picking the right “blue juice”?

Got houseplants like snake plants, pothos, and spider plants? Jack’s Houseplant Special 15-30-15, is for you!

  • Houseplant Special 15-30-15 is our traditional indoor houseplant fertilizer designed for use on all foliage and flowering plants
  • Loved for over 50 years to keep indoor grown plants vigorous and green
  • Use at ¼ tsp per gallon of water every time you water


Have you rescued a sad African violet from an unhappy home?  Feed the little guy Jack’s African Violet 12-36-14

  • African Violet 12-36-14 is a proven formula for over 35 years
  • The 1-3-1 ratio is a favorite for commercial violet growers and hobbyists
  • Delivers the perfect blend to produce deep green foliage, stocky stems, strong root and bud development and colorful blooms
  • Excellent formula for both top and bottom feeding containers
  • Use at ¼ tsp per gallon of water every time you water


Orchids have a known reputation of being a tough plant to care for. We make three formulations to keep them as happy as possible.

Jack’s Orchid 7-5-6

  • Orchid 7-5-6 helps your orchids grow healthy leaves with this higher nitrogen formula
  • For use on non-blooming orchids
  • Switch to 3-9-6 when flower spikes appear, and switch back when finished blooming


Jack’s Orchid 3-9-6

  • Cooler temps trigger orchids to produce blooms.
  • Help your orchids along with this low nitrogen and high phosphorus fertilizer to promote flowering
  • Switch back to the Orchid 7-5-6 when leaves fade


Jack’s Orchid Special 30-10-10

  • Orchid Special 30-10-10 feeds through both roots and leaves
  • Perfect for orchids potted in fir bark and rock
  • This formula emphasizes the vegetative growth stage (leaves)
  • Switch to a high phosphorus fertilizer like 3-9-6 when flower spikes appear, and switch back when finished blooming

The blue crew has tons of indoor plants, sometimes our offices are slightly jungle like. So, head to your favorite garden center, plant shop or locally owned greenhouse to pick up some plants and of course some Jack’s!  If you still aren’t sure ask the staff about what will grow best in your space, and what kind of plant food it needs. They are always happy to help!

Happy growing and feeding!  Houseplants


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