Jack’s EXACT MIX Sprayer

Spring is finally here, which means it’s time to plant, prune, prepare beds, and care for your gardens and lawn!  Once you have your beds ready and flowers planted, it’s time to feed!  We created the EXACT MIX Sprayer to help feed large areas efficiently and quickly.

The Jack’s EXACT MIX Sprayer was designed for plant and garden lovers using the three exact settings on the sprayer.  The sprayer was made specifically for the application of Jack’s Classic fertilizers.  You can use all of the Jack’s Classic Formulas in the sprayer except the Hydrangea Blue and Classicote with Crystal Green.  Jack’s Classic Water Soluble fertilizers are completely soluble which allows them to be applied accurately using the 3 EXACT settings on the sprayer. Full Strength used for Flower and Vegetable Gardens, hanging baskets, containers, bedding plants at 1 tablespoon per gallon rate of application (every 7-14 days). Half Strength used for Perennials and low feeding annuals like new guinea impatiens at ½ tablespoon per gallon rate.  Quarter strength for feeding plants everyday (Constant Feed).

Jack’s EXACT MIX Sprayer is easy to use and comfortable to hold while you spray and feed. Fill the sprayer with 6 ounces or 12 Tablespoons of Jack’s Classic, add water to the fill line (36 ounces), attach the sprayer to the bottle and choose your setting.  Keep an eye out for the EXACT MIX Hose End Sprayer in a Garden Center near you!

Happy Growing!

Exact Mix Sprayer




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